Getting StartedΒΆ

The easiest way to analyze APK files, is by using It will start a iPython shell and has all modules loaded to get into action.

Open a terminal and type -s.

For analyzing and loading APK or DEX files, some wrapper functions exists. Use AnalyzeAPK(filename) or AnalyzeDEX(filename) to load a file and start analyzing:

a, d, dx = AnalyzeAPK("/home/user/some-app.apk")

The three objects you get are a an androguard.core.bytecodes.apk.APK object, d an array of androguard.core.bytecodes.dvm.DalvikVMFormat object and dx an androguard.core.analysis.analysis.Analysis object.

Inside the APK object, you can find all information about the APK, like package name, permissions, the AndroidManifest.xml or its resources.

The androguard.core.bytecodes.dvm.DalvikVMFormat corresponds to the DEX file found inside the APK file. You can get classes, methods or strings from the DEX file.

The androguard.core.analysis.analysis.Analysis object contains special classes, which link information about the classes.dex.