androsign - Print Certificate FingerprintsΒΆ

Get the fingerprints of the signing certificates inside an APK.

usage: [-h] [--hash HASH] [--all] apk [apk ...]

Return the fingerprint(s) of all certificates inside an APK

positional arguments:
  apk          APK(s) to extract the Fingerprint of Certificates from

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  --hash HASH  Fingerprint Hash algorithm, default SHA1
  --all, -a    Print all supported hashes

An example:

$ --all files/golden-aligned-v1v2-out.apk
golden-aligned-v1v2-out.apk, package: 'android.appsecurity.cts.tinyapp'
Is signed v1: True
Is signed v2: True
Found 1 unique certificates
md5 e995a5ed7137307661f854e66901ee9e
sha1 0aa07c0f297b4ae834dc85a17eea8c2cf9380ff7
sha512 4da6e6744a4dabef192b198be13b4492b0ce97469f3ce223dd9b7e8df2ee952328e06651e5e65dd3b60ac5e3946e16cf7059b20d4d4a649957c1e3055c2e1fb8
sha256 fb5dbd3c669af9fc236c6991e6387b7f11ff0590997f22d0f5c74ff40e04fca8