androguard.core.api_specific_resources package

Module contents

exception androguard.core.api_specific_resources.APILevelNotFoundError

Bases: Exception


Load the API/Permission mapping for the requested API level. If the requetsed level was not found, None is returned.


apilevel – integer value of the API level, i.e. 24 for Android 7.0


a dictionary of {MethodSignature: [List of Permissions]}

androguard.core.api_specific_resources.load_permissions(apilevel, permtype='permissions')

Load the Permissions for the given apilevel.

The permissions lists are generated using this tool:

Has a fallback to select the maximum or minimal available API level. For example, if 28 is requested but only 26 is available, 26 is returned. If 5 is requested but 16 is available, 16 is returned.

If an API level is requested which is in between of two API levels we got, the lower level is returned. For example, if 5,6,7,10 is available and 8 is requested, 7 is returned instead.

  • apilevel – integer value of the API level

  • permtype – either load permissions ('permissions') or

permission groups ('groups') :return: a dictionary of {Permission Name: {Permission info}