androlyze - Androguard ShellΒΆ

androlyze is a tool that spawns an IPython shell.

usage: [-h] [--shell] [--debug] [--ddebug] [--session]

Open a IPython Shell and start reverse engineering

positional arguments:
  apk                   Start the shell with the given APK. a, d, dx are
                        available then. Loading might be slower in this case!

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --shell, -s           Will do nothing, this argument is just here for your
  --debug, -d, --verbose
                        Print log messages
  --ddebug, -dd, --very-verbose
                        Print log messages (higher verbosity)
  --session             Start a Androguard session
  --version, -v         Print the Androguard Version and exit