androguard axml - AndroidManifest.xml parserΒΆ

Parse the AndroidManifest.xml from an APK and show/save the XML file.

Usage: androguard axml [OPTIONS] [FILE_]

  Parse the AndroidManifest.xml.

  Parsing is either direct or from a given APK and prints in XML format or
  saves to file.

  This tool can also be used to process any AXML encoded file, for example
  from the layout directory.


      $ androguard axml AndroidManifest.xml

  -i, --input FILE     AndroidManifest.xml or APK to parse (legacy option)
  -o, --output TEXT    filename to save the decoded AndroidManifest.xml to,
                       default stdout
  -r, --resource TEXT  Resource (any binary XML file) inside the APK to parse
                       instead of AndroidManifest.xml
  --help               Show this message and exit.