Use JADX as a Decompiler

Instead of using the internal decompiler DAD, you can also use JADX.

Install JADX as described at it’s website. Make sure that the jadx executable is in $PATH. Otherwise you might set the argument when calling DecompilerJADX().

Here is a short demo code, how JADX can be used:

from androguard.core.bytecodes.apk import APK
from androguard.core.bytecodes.dvm import DalvikVMFormat
from androguard.core.analysis.analysis import Analysis
from androguard.decompiler.decompiler import DecompilerJADX
from androguard.core.androconf import show_logging
import logging

# Enable log output

# Load our example APK
a = APK("examples/android/TestsAndroguard/bin/TestActivity.apk")

# Create DalvikVMFormat Object
d = DalvikVMFormat(a)
# Create Analysis Object
dx = Analysis(d)

# Load the decompiler
# Make sure that the jadx executable is found in $PATH
# or use the argument jadx="/path/to/jadx" to point to the executable
decompiler = DecompilerJADX(d, dx)

# propagate decompiler and analysis back to DalvikVMFormat

# Now you can do stuff like:
for m in d.get_methods()[:10]: